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Ceylon Tea – A Deliciously Amazing Choice

BuyCeylon September 17, 2021 0 comments

Ceylon tea has long been a favorite of connoisseurs of fine tea.

This Oriental variety is an excellent choice for those who enjoy good tasting tea. Its naturally dark green color makes it a versatile choice. If you wish to enjoy Ceylon tea with dinner, here are some of the best Ceylon tea accessories you can buy.


Most Ceylon tea is produced from the very similar plant as well as other green and black teas, which are typically Camellia sinensis. However, it’s grown in the country of Sri Lanka where they historically were known as Ceylon. The leaves are typically hand picked since they seem to look more like little pieces of dark wire than flat flakes. It is harvested when the leaf falls from the branch, allowing the gentle fluff to be separated from the entire leaf. This process produces a softer and smoother product.


There are several distinct grades of Ceylon tea. The highest grade of Ceylon tea available on the market is the “black” grade which offers wonderful smoky tones and accents. Ceylon black tea leaves are not allowed to fully oxidize which preserves the original flavor.


The next highest grade of Ceylon tea may be found in the form of Ceylon black tea which contains unbroken orange pekoe (which is what most of the leaves are actually called). The leaves of this variety are allowed to fully oxidize before they are harvested. In addition, the unbroken orange pekoe may also be rolled into slivers to make Ceylon cookies or pastries. The highest quality of Ceylon tea may also be found in the form of Ceylon oolong tea. This slightly bitter variety offers medium bitterness and golden color.


If you enjoy a hint of sweetness in your Ceylon tea, there are several options available. You may want to try a Ceylon oolong tea with a hint of sweetness as it may help to transition your palate over to a different mood. Or, Ceylon loose leaf tea may help you to settle into a mood of savory comfort. Consider brewing a cup of Ceylon oolong in order to help you relax.


As an English person, you may find that Ceylon loose leaf tea seems exotic enough to share with friends and family. Although Ceylon has a strong Asian influence on its culture, you may want to buy Ceylon tea for your English visitor to enjoy the subtle British taste. You can buy Ceylon royal chamomile tea for your friend or family member to enjoy a sweet yet pleasant tea like this anytime during the day. Your friend or family member will be sure to love a cup of Ceylon tea flavored with milk or honey.


Ceylon tea does not just taste good, but it also has a number of health benefits. A number of studies have been conducted on the antioxidant content of Ceylon tea. In one study, Dr. Chandra Shekhar was able to determine that Ceylon tea was as rich in antioxidants as red wine. Dr. Shekhar was able to determine that the antioxidant activity of Ceylon tea could help prevent degenerative eye diseases, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. One study that Dr. Shekhar conducted indicated that Ceylon could help to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Ceylon may help prevent tooth sensitivity and its antioxidant content may help to reduce inflammation.


As you can see, there are a lot of health benefits associated with the Ceylon white tea plant. Although it comes from a different plant altogether, Ceylon white teas still provide all of those great health benefits along with a delicious flavor. So don’t forget about the white teas when you are considering making a special purchase this summer. You can enjoy the delicious taste and the health benefits that are good for your body and mind anytime of the year.

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