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Cheap Herbal Tea for Weight Loss

Normally ingredients of herbal teas can be composed with fresh or dried any plant material such as flowers,seeds , leaves and roots.Those plants parts should steep few minutes with boiling water or boiled on a stove to make tea.Nowadays lot of tea manufacturing companies produce tea bag consist of small particles of herbal plant parts to ease of the consumer.Herbal tea have lower concentrations of antioxidants with comparing other teas such as green,white, black and oolong teas.
The important factor is this tea is caffeine free drink.

In Sri Lanka lot of indigenous medicine plants such as Iramusu (Smilax regelii),polpala (Aerva lanata),kothala-himbutu (Salacia reticulata),ranawara (Senna auriculata), weniwel (Coscinium fenestratum) and beli (Bael) are used to make herbal teas which have high demand from overseas buyers.
The cancer-fighting properties included in herbal tea helps to stunt the growth of cancer cells.As well as properties included in tea prevent complications of diabetes such as kidney , nerve damage and loss of vision.

This tea can be used for treating for a common cold, anti-ageing,anti-nausea,reducing stress levels,
improving digestion,regulating blood sugar,anti-inflammatory,flushing the kidneys and lowering the blood pressure.Normally herbal tea is cheaper when comparing other teas such as green, flavoured black tea.

This tea is used for lose weight in a healthier way since herbal tea has very low-calorie.So tea can replace of higher-calorie beverages and help to weight loss.You should replace all other drinks each day , if you are drinking herbal tea for weight loss purposes.