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Golden Pearl Beauty Cream – The Secret Behind A Glowing Pinkish Skin

Having a healthy & glowing skin is a one of dreams of every woman lives in this planet.Fair skin is more favorable than darker skin. Asian skin color has more importance with comparing other skin colors spread through the world. So every woman likes and eager to have Asian skin color as her skin tone.Because of this, Pakistan beauty products have more demand among other beauty products.

With the busy life style today, women do not have much time to pay attention for their skin. Skin expose to UV rays, ┬ápollution , dirt and harsh weather and become unhealthy skin having skin issues such as dryness, itching ,acne and dullness.Moisture and nourishment of skin disappears and young skin looks like a old woman’s skin having wrinkles and other skin issues.

You should take care about your skin and pay more attention at the healthy state of skin before it goes to old and damaged.There is no value of wearing expensive clothes and ornaments without having glowing healthy skin.Value of the glowing pinkish skin can not obtain by clothes or ornaments but it is obtained only by following a best skin routine.Golden Pearl beauty cream is the one of best skin cream that can make glowing skin which every women is dreaming about.

About the manufacturer

Golden Pearl beauty cream is manufactured by Golden Pearl Cosmetics Ltd in Pakistan.Golden Pearl Cosmetics Ltd is manufacturing whitening soaps, face washes,whitening facial cleansers,facial scrubs,whitening skin serums ,moisturizing lotions and more beauty products.This company is a leading cosmetics manufacturing company in Pakistan.You can obtain best results by using golden pearl beauty cream with using other golden pearl products such as face wash and whitening soap.

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Ingredients of Golden Pearl Beauty Cream

There are fewer number of ingredients are included in the golden pearl beauty cream with comparing other beauty products.This may be an indication of less side effects because of less ingredients.Let’s look at ingredients with more details.

1.Carnauba Wax – It is a natural was obtained from the leaves of the Copernicia Prunifera palm tree which is growing in north eastern Brazil. Carnauba wax is having good skin protective properties with emollient & moisturizer.It is used in most beauty products because it provides smooth application and glossy finish. Carnauba wax helps to fight with acne and skin irritation and aids to keep a healthy and glowing skin
with it’s deep moisturizing property.

2.Kojic Acid Dipalmitate – Kojic acid is extracted from fungi and organic substances and mostly used in many skin whitening products to treat hyper pigmentation. It helps to decrease the process of melanin formation and diminish dark areas which has too much melanin pigments.Because of this property, kojic acid dipalmitate helps to reduce the formation of uneven skin tone and dark spots.

3.Beeswax – It acts as protector for the skin.When applying bees wax on the skin, it creates a protective barrier which is avoiding of drawing moisture out of the skin and reducing the dryness.Beeswax protects skin from irritants and environmental toxins.Vitamin A included in beeswax, promotes cell regeneration and increases the hydration for the skin.Beeswax is reducing formation of acne & wrinkles which is caused by heavy exposure to sunlight & UV rays for long period of time.

4.Herbal Extracts – Herbal extracts is a part of natural environment which cures , protects and nourishes the skin in a natural manner and does not make harmful effects such as artificial chemicals do.It is always good if we can use natural herbal products for our beauty care routines.

5.Sunscreen Agents – They are used to protect skin from the harmful UV rays and sunlight which cause premature aging and sunburn.Also sunscreen agents reduces the risk of skin cancer.They are absorbing UV radiations and avoiding it from reaching towards to the deeper skin layers or reflecting radiation.

6.Emulsifier – This is used to bind water and oil contents of the ingredients.Normally oil and water are not mixed each other and try to separated.With the aid of emulsifier , it is creating a homogeneous mixture to keep water and oil together.That means it generates a layer on the of skin ,reduce evaporating and keep the moisture of skin with provides oily skin instead of dry dull skin.

Benefits of using Golden Pearl Beauty Cream

After getting a deep knowledge about ingredients included in golden pearl cream , it can be categorized as a multi purpose cream.So cream lighten your skin ,remove pimples and reduce wrinkles ,dark circles under eye and marks. Finally golden pearl cream gives you a glowing radiant skin.

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Both men & women can use this cream and obtain young healthy skin after using a very short period of time.

1.It reduce melanin and provides a lighter skin.
2.It removes old dead skin faster and promotes new young skin.
3.It reduces pimples.
4.It fights with acne.
5.It removes the dark spots of the skin.
6.It reduces the itchiness of the skin.
7.It fights and reduces the signs of ageing.
8.It provides a youthful and radiant skin.
9.It improves the skin elasticity.
10.It protects skin from harmful UV rays & sunburns.
11.It provides an instant glow after very short period of time.
12.It protects skin from harmful environmental elements.
13.It recovers the skin from the damaging elements of the day time.

How to apply golden pearl beauty cream

Golden pearl beauty cream is a night cream.So it should be applied at night to get better results.Follow this routine during applying the cream.

1.Before going to bed wash your face with face wash.It is good if you can use Golden Pearl face wash.
2.Gently dry the skin with clean towel.
3.Apply pea sized golden pearl cream on your face. Don’t forget neck area also.
4.Massage for few seconds to penetrate cream into skin.
5.Apply on spots and pimples also.
6.In the following morning wash your face with face wash.
7.Then apply moisturizer or sunscreen at the day time of the day.Do not expose sun light for long period of time.
8.Repeat the routine for minimum for 7 days continuously.
9.After first week, use cream for twice a week.

Precautions & Side Effects

1.If you are normally allergy with some beauty products , please consult your doctor before it using.

2.Do not apply cream on face first.Test cream by applying on your hand before applying on your face.This method is suggested by skin specialists.

3.Do not apply large amount of cream on your face.It can feel of burning your skin.

4.Do not massage for long time.

5.Do not go in front of heat such as cooking or sun heat after applying the cream.

6.Because of ingredients in golden pearl beauty cream,skin may be some oily after using this cream.If you have more oily skin , this cream may not be a good cream for you.

Where to buy

You can buy cream online from here.

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