Royal Cashew Best Ceylon Cashew is best and reputed cashew manufacturer in Sri Lanka. Ceylon cashew has named as the tastiest cashew in the world because of it's nutrition facts. Roasted cashew, salted cashew and raw cashews are the popular cashew products among others such as honey roasted cashew, barbecue flavored cashew, hot and spicy cashew , sugar coated cashew and garlic cashew. The reason behind the high demand for Ceylon cashew is the cashew nutrition and cashew nuts benefits to health. Ceylon cashews are in bigger size with comparing other cashews grown in other countries. Manual and mechanical methods are used to process cashews in Sri Lanka. Hand shelling is used mostly to remove the husk of the cashew fruit and separate cashew seed. Cashew lovers in all over the world buy cashews online from Sri Lanka's online retailers for the need of buying best cashews. Shop Ceylon cashews and feel the real taste of cashews.

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