Mlesna Tea is a proud product of Sri Lanka since from 1983 founder of Anselm Perera. Founder of  Mlesna Tea was a great tea taster as his first job.The name of Mlesna is a mirror image of founder name Anselm.All tea products are packed and exported from Sri Lanka within few days of tea plucking to retain the freshness of tea.The manufacturing process of tea is supervised by the expert tea specialists with their unmatched experience.The secret behind the Mlesna is nutritional benefits and taste is obtained by the best quality ingredients. Mlesna Tea promise to provide undisputed quality tea to their consumers in selectively designed packages.All tea packages are new and creative with new innovation ideas to attract the tea lovers towards the wide range of products.Now Mlesna Tea has more than 3000 different products which produce different taste and feelings.All tea products has no preservatives or sweeteners while keeping healthy product.But all products have unique flavor and loving aroma.The superior quality of  tea is maintained by the well experienced tea tasters who having more than 25 years of experience with the best quality tea leaves.Because of the product quality ,Mlesna Tea has won 82 awards including 19 presidential export awards, 23 Lanka Star awards, 17 Asia star awards and 9 world star awards.Mlesna Tea has the range of black tea, herbal tea,green tea and flavored tea as the basic drop down. Blueberry green tea, jasmine green tea, sencha green tea, soursop green tea and earl grey green tea has more demand among the green tea range.

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